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6 open source web browser alternatives | Brave. The Brave browser was created with the goal of blocking all but user-approved … Contributing - ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome Setup ChromeDriver is a Chromium project and the code lives in the Chromium repo. Chromium is the open source project which Google Chrome is based on. Follow the instructions for checking out the entire chromium source tree. After you have your source checkout, make sure you have completed all the build prerequisites for your platform. Google's Chromium browser explained | Computerworld

Licenses in this category require mandatory source distribution (including Google source code) if Google ships a product that includes third-party code protected by such a license. Also, any use of source code under licenses of this type in a Google product will “taint” Google source code with the restricted license.

GitHub - GoogleChrome/web-vitals: Essential metrics for a The web-vitals library is a tiny (~1K), modular library for measuring all the Web Vitals metrics on real users, in a way that accurately matches how they're measured by Chrome and reported to other Google tools (e.g. Chrome User Experience Report, Page Speed Insights, Search Console's Speed Report).

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