Windows 10 "net send user message" does not work

Mar 30, 2015 Net Send – Message Sending Easily in Windows XP 4) Let say you wish to send a message to computer named David, just type net send David [your-message]. Here is an example: The following message will pop up on computer named David: 5) You can also send the message by using IP address, let say I want to send message to, here is what I type: net send [your-message [Windows 7]Net send - Comment Ça Marche

SendKeys.Send(String) Method (System.Windows.Forms

Windows 7 - "Net Send" command alternative Solutions message Message to send. If none specified, prompts for it or reads from stdin. C:\Users\michael.claridge> MSG.exe replaces Net Send in Windows 7 but isn't avialable for Home Versions. I think you should be able to still send messages via MSG.exe to Windows XP PC's as long as the messenger service is running :) Cheers Michael

A net messenger script for Windows 7/2008

Yes, vista and windows 7 cannot do “net send” and MSG only works to terminal servers or to local PCs. I use a script to do popups on both XP, VISTA, and WINDOWS 7. Read the comments, because you must turn on powershell remote execution to get this to work.