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Pros Discreet design: Ghostery features an easy-to-understand design and a light, welcoming color scheme. The alert bubble is slightly transparent and blends well with the existing webpage, so you Aug 25, 2015 · I heard plenty of feedback from readers, but the most frequent request was to drop the Ghostery extension from the list — specifically because of the Ghostrank data collection built into the The data is anonymous, and Ghostery still does everything it promises to do to protect your privacy. Advertisement You could argue this is a good thing, and that it'll help advertisers create Dec 19, 2019 · Ghostery, which makes the ad- and tracker-blocking extension of the same name, has launched Ghostery Midnight, a desktop app with extended privacy features that costs $14 a month.

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Ghostery is an excellent add-on that helps protect your online privacy. You will enjoy its detailed blocker and helpful support features. A similar application, DoNotTrackMe, masks your phone and

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Ghostery review: Conclusion. Ghostery should not be regarded as a simple ad blocker. It allows to effectively counter the attempts of unscrupulous website owners to collect information about users and their habits. However, due to the fact that advertisers are constantly inventing new ways to bypass ad blockers, sometimes there are errors and